I cherish my cookbooks; the stained pages from the recipes I’ve used time and time again, the new food fad cookbooks or up and coming chefs of the world, the old ones that I always return to and even the cookbooks I know I should put in a box for St Vinnie’s but just cant let go of. They give me inspiration and comfort there on my shelf in my kitchen.

It’s usually about 4.00pm when I start thinking about what I will pick up on the way home to cook for dinner, and of course my cookbooks are far from my finger tips. So naturally I use the world’s number one tool to inspire me; the internet and its infinite offerings.

Online, I love to peruse recipes, read foodie articles and Tweets from around the world, follow food bloggers and discover the ways of a healthier lifestyle for me and the planet through food. During my Food Affairs I’ve encountered some amazing food related websites and food producers in some shape or form. Below are just a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them and find something special to inspire you as I do.

The Salt Full of interesting news and stories about food; from the farm to the plate and beyond. The posts are quirky and informative, with sections relating to eating and health and the movers and shakers in the food world.

Gourmet Traveller A great source for food and travel inspiration. They use some of Australia’s best food and travel writers who inspire me to book a flight, book a restaurant, buy some wine and cook all at once! You’ll need a subscription though.

Herbivoracious A brilliant meatless cooking blog, filled with recipes notable for modern techniques, big, bright flavours and international essence. The recipes are truly satisfying and beautiful in their balance of colours and flavours.

Straight-Up Food  Delicious vegan recipes designed for the everyday cook without using salt, sugar, oil and very few processed foods in any of the recipes! Amazing! I know! The blogger Cathy Fisher is a culinary instructor who’s skills in creating these recipes is inspirational.

The Kitchn My favourite! Since the day a friend (who’s as big a foodie as me) sent me the link to theKitchn, I have been in love and obsessed with this site. It has it all. I could list its amazing features, but just click on it and check it out for yourself!

Delicious Magazine From the UK, packed with inspiring recipes, cooking tips and food related articles. Just like our Aussie Delicious Magazine, but the Brits’ version.

Edible Brooklyn They say that Brooklyners are as obsessed with food (and coffee) as Melbournians, and I think they might be right. Lots of great articles if you’re interested in what’s hot in the foodie scene around New York City. There is also an Edible Manhattan and Edible Westside.

taste Every recipe you could imagine! About 30,000 in fact. All categorised in every way possible with ratings to match. For me, a quick reference if I can’t remember how many minutes to cook the perfect tuna steak or the ratios for cooking certain foods.

What Katie Ate I love this blog for the amazing visuals and the way it inspires me to cook (and take photos!). Katie Quinn Davies is a commercial photographer and cookbook author who captures mouthwatering dishes in a natural, rustic and tactile way.

@Nigella_Lawson Ohhhhahhhh, Nigella, Nigella, Nigella… How I love you… A woman who’s cooking is as deliciously beautiful and tasteful as herself. Nigella’s everyday tweets are realistic, scrumptious and will have you convinced that you can cook just like her. Loaded with simple dishes like the perfect scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and dill or roast chicken, gravy, broccoli and toasted pumpkin seeds. There is something for everyone. Fall in love if you dare.