Amy Wilson Food BloggerMy earliest memories of getting really excited about food is when Dad would come into the milk room from the dairy, lift me up the side of the huge shiny metal milk vat and let me reach in and scoop out a cup full of fresh cows milk. I can still imagine the taste now, with a layer of thick cream on top giving me the biggest milk moustache you’ve ever seen and the freshest, creamiest and pure milk I’ve ever tasted.

Growing up in a rural district with a family of 5 in the 80s and 90s most of our meals consisted of meat and three vege. Times of feeling excitement for food were simple and sweet, such as strawberry picking at a local farm, at families and friends parties where all of the kids were diving into the Cheezles and I was eyeing off the ‘for the adults’ plate of cheese and salami, getting a frog in the pond at the local pub for dessert, slurping down my Nana’s pumpkin soup and on the days when I would come home from school and say, ‘Mum, what’s for dinner?’ and she would respond with one of my favourites dishes, like egg and bacon quiche or schnitzel with scallop potatoes.

My love and passion for food has grown with me. Enjoying the food fads, trends and the coming and going of celebrity chefs, but most of all the foods I have discovered through travelling around the world; from the farmer, to the market and on the plate.

Food Affairs is an opportunity to write about my love and passion for all aspects of the industry and share my stories with you. Enjoy!
Amy Wilson