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Atlas Dining – A Global Experience

At the age of 24, Charlie Carrington has more notches in his belt than the average chef would dream of. His time spent travelling the world and learning from the best at places such as Vue de Monde, Marque and Firedoor has given this ambitious and talented chef wings to fly. Combining his love for […]

Great Ocean Ducks – Duck Farming with a Difference

Flocks of white ducks appear like little clouds beyond the home of Greg and Jodi Clarke. As I wind up the dirt track that leads me to Great Ocean Ducks, Port Campbell bay is on the horizon, the dams are full to the brim and after a long wet winter the paddocks are as lush […]

Onyx Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary – Michelin Star Sensation

Hungary, a land of fertile soil where the first written records of gastronomy date back to the 15th century and wines have historically been favoured by Royal Courts and Popes. A country where it’s food has had an intriguing double identity – cleverly blending mystic flavours from the East with traditions of the West – […]

Venice Market

Food Affairs

    So here goes…After 18 months of writing food stories, it’s about time they came off my desktop. I would like to share my love and passion for all things food; from the farmer to the market and on the plate. Although I’m now living in Melbourne, my writing started whilst living in Berlin. […]